Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Burnley FC End of Season review

Burnley FC End of Season review.

 This is a post I started writing at the begining of the 2013-14 season when Burnley FC had played just a few games.  I never published it but it's interesting to look back on now we are going up.

Congratulations to the players and Sean Dyche.

Yes, Burnley live again!  I thought we would have the usual opening day draw then go on an uncomfortable winless run until we loose to a relegation favourite, then go on a really good run.
Then we'd get near the play-offs and then have another winless run, followed by a slight upturn to get our hopes up, then fail for the play-offs and finish exactly mid-table.
It seems this time, however, things are  slightly different.  I would have preferred a win at home on the opening day but an away win so early in the season should be remarked upon.  That was good. There, I remarked upon it.
And it looks like we have another Burnley legend in Danny Ings.  Not only has the Burnley striker knocked in few goals in the first three games, but he has also made a name for himself by giving his boots away.
So after two games we sit on fourth position, so lets try and keep it up until after Christmas when the collapse can begin.
Also we need to beat dirty leeds (all lowercase for lack of respect) and more importantly b*****d rovers (same lack of respect thing).
If that happens I'll need a lie down, shortly preceded by several Spanish beers.  "Why Spanish?" you may ask. Because I live in Spain now.  How will I watch the games? I don't know yet as I can't get UK TV right now and Spanish TV folks aren't that bothered about the NPower Championship for some reason.

Weird eh?


Friday, 30 November 2012

3 things to look out for in the Football League

I spend a lot of time reading the Guardian sport blogs which is completely dominated by Premier League coverage.  As a fan of Burnley, a Championship club, this is frustrating as I think the Football League deserves more respect from the national press.  What makes this more frustrating is the fact that most of that Premier League coverage is comprised of disgraceful stories of racism and allsorts of reprehensible behaviour, as opposed to actual football.
So I decided to take a swipe at this culture by posting this article in a bid to highlight the qualities of the Football league and to spark debate on the subject.  So here goes

1.THE Derby. Burnley v B@#$*$@d's. It's a wise decision to have this at 12.30 on a Sunday, as generally our fans tend to go and smash the town up win, loose or draw.  Crazy decision not to televise it though. I mean, this and the Bolton game on the opening day, were made for TV, especially with all the soap opera goings-on used to hype Premier League games.
2.Another Derby, of sorts.  Huddersfield v Dirty Leeds.  Lots of local pride at stake, and profesional pride too, with Simon Grayson taking on former club and all round nice guy Ken Bates.
3.Crystal Palace v Brighton.  Geographically not a prime candidate for a Derby, but there's a rivalry there for sure, and both teams can play a bit.  Good match on the cards methinks.  And, if nothing else, the press conferemces will be interesting.

If I'm honest, I've picked a bad weekend to do this as it's an FA cup weekend and League One and most of League Two are busy with that.  But I think the three points I've picked out can spark a little bit of debate.

What are you looking forward too?

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Another New Manager

Well, it seems Burnley Football Club has yet  another new manager.  I am personally quite impressed that the Burnley board decided on Sean Dyche in the end.  By all accounts he was doing a decent job at Watford beofre he had to make way for Gianfranco Zola.  I think its a really forward thinking decision by the Burnley board to bring in another young, up and coming manager.  Firstly they are usually cheaper and are more willing to take the job.  Secondly, any experienced manager is usually out of a job for a reason and (Brian Laws anyone?) will probably expect a higher salary than their younger counterparts. 

So Sean has has mixed ressults in his first few games for Burnley, although back to back wins and a win over (dirty) Leeds is always going to count in his favour.  Today, Burnley have a winnable game against Hull at the KC stadium, but I wouldn't be surprised if we lost.  I'd be happy with a draw, exstatic with a wiatsn.

My money is on Middlebrough to win at home to Bristol City.  15 pence to be exact, and 9 pence on MK Dons.  I didn't see any bankers in the Premier League today, the Chelsea game could go either way and QPR might have a bit of new manager bounce now they've got rid of Hughes for Harry Redknapp.


Thats all for now, come on you Clarets!

Friday, 3 February 2012

Parking Collection Services

A company called Parking Collection Services sent me a letter last week demanding the sum of £40 for a PCN that had been placed on my car.  The PCN was allegedly placed on my car as a result of being parked in a car park longer than the permitted time.  Firstly, I have never been to the car park in question (it is in Scotland and I live in West Yorkshire) and secondly I won't pay.
I have had experience of these types of companies before.  They 'manage' car parks for various places like hospitals, colleges and retail parks.  They issue a PCN (when issued by one of these companies this stands for Parking Charge  Notice) which is intended to look like the Penalty Charge Notices which can only be issued by the Police or Council (the Government, basically).  A lot of people fall for it and pay immediatley on receipt of a PCN or a letter claiming their vehicle was issued with a PCN and asking why they haven't paid yet.  The letters and PCN are often worded so that if you don't pay immediatley you will have to pay an even larger sum or risk legal action.
It's all a load of crap.  The PCN's are effectively invoices, and invalid ones at that as they don't have a real postal address but a PO box number. If you get one, ignore it.

Well that was a little off topic but I felt I had to get it off my chest.
If you need more info go to moneysavingexpert and you will see there are lots of people who have had these companies pestering them.

As for the Clarets, quite a good week.  No-one bought J-Rod which is good and we're better than Leeds still.